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Duplicate Finder is a precision software program created to locate and resolve duplicate files
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19 February 2013

Editor's review

Duplicate Finder helps you maintain your system health and life by cleaning it of duplicate files which take up hard disk space.
Duplicate files can be created for various reasons and it has detrimental effects on your system performance. This reliable tool can identify duplicate files byte by byte for accurate and faster results. It has the ability to show the files versions and properties. The results can be derived in HTML and CSV formats. The interface of the tool is very user friendly even for novice users. It supports all network connections as well works with removable media devices like floppies and other tools. Duplicate files which are created at the time of installation of some application and running of some programs can be identified very easily with this tool.
It successfully removes true duplicate files saving your disk space and enabling smooth running of your systems.

Publisher's description

This award winning duplicate file comparison program, supports unlimited number of files, folders, drives or mobile devices! Duplicate Finder is a precision software program created to help you locate and resolve duplicate files, photos, videos and much more!
You may be surprised by how many duplicate music files are on your computer or scattered across your home or corporate network! Our built in Wizard make it fast and easy and safe to locate and manage duplicates.
Duplicates occur all the time, both intentionally and accidentally. Intentional duplicates are also known as archives, or backups. These are the good type of duplicates. But often your computer can become cluttered with duplicates that you don't necessarily want or need. Exact duplicates of files can be created or copied to your computer, over and over until there are many taking up a lot of space. Worse if you backup your data (which you should), and you have lots of duplicates - then you are wasting time, energy, space and money. That's what Duplicate Finder was created for, to resolve this problem.
Search for true duplicates (files with same contents);
Search for duplicate songs by Title, Artist, etc;
Search for duplicate Outlook emails and Contacts;
Powerful search engine with fast files check;
Full binary (byte-by-byte) comparison;
Flexible Scan settings;
ID3 Tag Support - iTunes, MP3, more;
Add multiple folders/drives for scanning;
Protect system files and folders;
Convenient user interface;
Advanced Duplicate file management - remove only unnecessary duplicates;
Full unicode support;
Export list of duplicates to HTML, TXT
Windows 7 and Vista 64 bit support
With Duplicate Finder you can easily and quickly find out and clean various kinds of duplicate files.
Duplicate documents
Duplicate Music
Duplicate Photos
Outlook duplicate email files
Removing duplicate files is safe and easy - new computer users feel like a pro when using it.
Duplicate Finder
Duplicate Finder
Version 4.3
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User comments

I really like Duplicate Finder. An especially nice touch was when it told me that I was deleting all copies of a file. I tried a few other duplicate file finders and hated them.
Marv Hamels
As a Computer Forensic Examiner, I have a great need to maintain multiple copies of electronic artifacts for extended periods of time. This, however, can become a burden in terms of disk storage consumption and needless redundancy by error.

I just purchased Duplicate Finder in order to support my non-business needs and, in the process of using it for the non-business purposes, I pleasantly discovered the tremendous advantages it could bring to the business activities.

In a very short period of time, I was able to eliminate previously undiscovered duplicate files, which reclaimed just over 491 GB of a total of 2.2 TB storage space. The interface is tremendously easy to use and intuitive in every way.

What an excellent solution for someone who over duplicates in order to be on the safe side, or just every day accumulation that tends to build over the normal course of time and file/folder management.

Thank very much to the Ashisoft Team, I will be purchasing additional tools very soon.
Experienced IT Developer
I ran this application on a directory containing over 620,000 files. It scanned the directory and then presented me with an out of memory error. My computer has over 3GB of memory and plenty to run this application. There is an internal limit to the number of files it can handle. I instead used the Free "Duplicate File Finder" written in .NET and it ran fine without any problems. It also does a byte-to-byte check and is just as good just a more basic program but it works!
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